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Park Attendant – Cash Attendant


Cash Attendant

Ticket Sales

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As an Ambassador of William Beasley Enterprises Ltd the Cash Attendant accurately processes financial transactions for our customers throughout the property. With keen eye for detail and accuracy and a friendly, helpful demeanour Cash Attendants wow the customers with their efficiency and knowledge.

Job Duties

  • Operate and balance cash, debit, credit and coupon transactions
  • Deal with high customer volume particularly during events
  • Maintain a secure working environment for cash and tickets
  • Perform basic clerical work (filing and sorting)
  • Reporting any missing or defective equipment
  • Reporting any contravention of Wm. Beasley Enterprises Ltd. regulations policies and procedures by self or co-workers
  • Passionate about client satisfaction, asking, “How can I exceed your expectations today?”
  • Maintains consistency in attitude and behaviour
  • Approaches all tasks with a “can-do” attitude understanding that “attitude” is a choice
  • Notices and accurately interprets what clients are feeling, based on their words, tone of voice, expressions, and other nonverbal behaviour
  • Presents a cheerful, positive manner at all times
  • Exercises appropriate judgment in handling client situations.
  • Responds in a positive manner with alternative solutions when a client’s initial request is not possible.
  • Shows initiative and takes action with an appropriate level of independence
  • Use ticketing software to sell ride tickets and day/season passes for Wm. Beasley Enterprises Ltd.
  • Provide accurate information in response to in-person and over the phone customer inquiries – providing our Clients with best options that will serve them best
  • Working in compliance with the provisions of Wm. Beasley Enterprises Ltd. regulations and internal policies and procedures
  • Other duties as deemed necessary or as directed


  • Cheerful and friendly
  • Can cope with large crowds of people and high pressure situations without losing your cool
  • Previous experience handling cash is a definite asset
  • Able to work when we need you to – evenings, weekends and holidays
  • Strong mathematics would be considered an asset
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