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Position Summary

Position Summary
Bartender The bartender's main job is to know the standard drink recipes and be able to mix them quickly and accurately. Must be 21 years of age and Smart Serve Certified
Cashier The Cash Attendant is responsible for the accurate processing of cash, debit/credit and coupon transactions throughout the Wm. Beasley Enterprises Ltd properties.
Prep Cook The Prep Cook, under the direction of designated culinary management and supervisors, will prepare, chop, present, store, and dispatch all food products
Farm Hand The Farm Hand will assist with the care of the animals cleaning animal stables or pens
Facilities Attendant The Facilities Attendant performs cleaning and housekeeping duties including sweeping, changing garbage cans, washing floors, walls, furnishings, fixtures, changes linens etc.
Food Service Worker Responsible for processing customer orders, preparing and serving food, dishwashing and other related duties
Ride Attendant Assist guests on and off the attraction. Operate ride in a safe manner consistent with TSSA and Company operating procedures
Restaurant Manager The Restaurant Manager will be responsible for the supervision and control of all Front of House and Kitchen areas to the standards laid down by Wm. Beasley Enterprises Ltd.
Events Attendant Event Attendants work as part of a team within Wm. Beasley Enterprises Ltd. Assisting during our catering and corporate events ensuring the successful set-up, tear down and running of each of our events.
Games Attendant The Games Attendant sells games of skill, explains the rules, provides encouragement, asks for replays and awards prizes with enthusiasm.
Host / Hostess Is to ensure that the guests are made comfortable, greet arriving guests, welcome them into the establishment and seat them and/ kept informed of the status of their orders or wait times.
Kitchen Attendant Ensure that food quality and presentation is maintained, and assists in keeping track of the stock inventory. Prepping food, preparing ingredients, partially cook food in advance of orders, assemble and measure ingredients to fill orders, or help line cooks/chefs to prepare food orders
Stock Attendant Attendant is responsible to ensure that there is no lack of merchandise throughout the property. Employee performs a variety of tasks to assist in managing a central stockroom. Position requires knowledge of stock supplies and their use.
Wait Staff Wait staff serve customers by taking orders, serving food and preparing tables. An important part of the work is to make customers feel welcome and comfortable during their meal.
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